Project Outcomes

The fields of entrepreneurship education and sustainability education are internally fragmented and not systematically linked. The field of sustainable entrepreneurship education is growing and a wide variety of teaching approaches - both from entrepreneurship and sustainability education- are being applied. There is a need for an integrated framework that provides a systematic overview of the available approaches and possibilities of integrating sustainability in entrepreneurship education. 

The TES project has produced the following outputs:

Outcome One

The intellectual output from work package 1 is a report outlining state-of-the-art methods for sustainable entrepreneurship education, covering theory (academic literature), current practice across key European Universities, and input from expert respondents (interviewees) in the field. The report includes a framework outlining potential pathways for integrating sustainability in entrepreneurship education.

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Outcome Two

This intellectual output focuses on developing a curriculum for a module on sustainable entrepreneurship, including a description of learning outcomes, content, methods and


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Outcome Three

The overall objective of this intellectual output is to build the capacity of peer educational trainers to teach novice trainers in delivering the sustainable entrepreneurship education module. This objective will consist of a train-the-trainer programme describing guidelines for teaching and implementing the module (outcome two) at the partner universities. This includes basic guidelines for planning and implementing the results from outcome two.

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